UW Flying Club
Rates, Fees & Requirements    

Our hourly rates include fuel.  Insurance is paid for with the monthly dues.  Since we are non-profit, there are no sales taxes added.  The rates are charged by Hobbs time.  Note that the rates were changed in June 2013 to assume fuel cost of $5.00 /gal.


The rates are:

    486ER  $96 plus fuel surcharge

    5197T  $104 plus fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge for both aircraft is calculated as $1 for every 10 cents the current price from Wisconsin Aviation, Inc. varys from $5.00/gal. The surchange is minus $8.00 as of April 2017.

There is a one-time-for-life initiation fee of $150.  Dues are $55/month, and are used for fixed costs, such as insurance, tie-down and scheduling, as well as office costs.

You may go inactive at any time and not pay dues.  The re-activation fee is $60.

When the aircraft are taken away for trips involving at least one full day, we expect the pilot to pay for at least two flying hours per day.  Partial day charges will be interpreted with the objective of insuring availability for other pilots, e.g. if you leave in the evening, you won't be charged two hours more for that day.

In addition to the FAA requirements, the club requires that you make 3 take-offs and landings in the previous 90 days OR you get a checkride with a CFI.

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