UW Flying Club
Who We Are    

Any pilot, including student pilots, is welcome to apply for membership.  If your flying record and credit references are OK, you will normally  be accepted for membership.  See Section 4 of our Constitution.


To apply for membership, download and complete our Membership Application in here in .doc format or here for .pdf format.


The UWFC Board is elected by the members and meets about once a month, although they skip meetings when there is no need to meet.  Members and other guests are welcome. 


There is an annual membership meeting during the first quarter of the year (Jan-March).  Special membership meetings are held occasionally when major matters have to be decided, such as the purchase of new aircraft.

The UW Flying Club is not affiliated with the University of Wisconsin.  At one time it was a student organization.  Over the years, the proportion of members with at most peripheral ties to the University, kept increasing.   So we severed ties, but they let us use the "UW" as long as we made it clear that we aren't affiliated.

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